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Caribbean Relief Fund

In September 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused significant destruction in the Caribbean.  Kiwanians in the Caribbean were not spared the devastation wrought by the wrath of Mother Nature. And those who were unscathed were deeply involved in the relief efforts.

At the instigation of the EC&C leadership, the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada has formed an ad hoc committee to direct a fundraising initiative in support of the relief effort. The Foundation pledged to match donated funds - $1 for every $2 donated.  By the time the fundraising initiative ended on January 31, 2018, Kiwanis Clubs and individual Kiwanians had donated $76,910 as follows:

EC&C $67,346
Western Canada $4,175
PNW $5,389

The Kiwanis Foundation of Canada provided a match of $38,455 for a total of $115,365.

The ad hoc committee, chaired by Past International President, Dr. John Button, reviewed relief proposals and approved the following funds distribution as of July 2018:

  1.  Kiwanis Club of Genipa Oeuv Soc. –Martinique - $7,500 to rebuild destroyed playgrounds.
  2. Kiwanis Club of Kahouane Su Est – Guadeloupe - $7,500 to rebuild destroyed playgrounds.
  3. Three schools on the island of Dominica:
    1. Paix Bouche Preschool – to repair the roof, ceiling, floor, windows and doors
    2. Penville Preschool – to repair the roof, ceiling, floor, windows and doors
    3. Grand Fond Preschool - to repair the roof, ceiling, floor, windows and door

The estimated cost to repair the three schools is approximately $100,000.  The funds will be distributed over a period of time, as construction progresses.  On-site supervision in Dominica will be provided by Past EC&C Governor Paul Toussaint.  Paul will be travelling by boat from his home on Martinique to Dominica, where he will be staying with family members during the project.

John R. Button
Ad Hoc Committee for Hurricane Relief
Jim Scott
Kiwanis Foundation of Canada

Committee Members
Chuck McIlravey
Mike Owen
Western Canada PLG