Expanding your Impact in the community
Donate to the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada
and Apply for Grants!


The Kiwanis Foundation of Canada annually  issues over  $180,000 in scholarships and grants so that clubs can expand their impact on youth.

A club donation of $15 per club member is required to be eligible for the grants.  This is a smart investment!

For example, a club with 25 members:

A donation of $375 by the Club (25 members x $15) to the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada makes the club eligible to receive grants.

Foundation adds up to $1,000 to Club scholarships (Matching Scholarship) You  invest up to $1,000 and the foundation matches.

Foundation adds $500 to Club scholarship to Key Club / CKI students in the (Mel Osborne Scholarship)

Foundation adds $500 to the Club donation to Organized Youth Program (scouts, guides, boy & girls club, navy league, big brothers / big sisters,  etc.) when you invest a minimum of $1,000.

So, for a $375 club donation, the club has the opportunity to  receive $2,000 back for these grants alone! 

Where else can you get that type of return . . . 5 times your outlay!
Expand your impact!